Go Nuts: Incorporating More Nuts Into Your Diet

Many people are looking for ways to add new and healthy ingredients to dishes they traditionally eat. Nuts and nuts recipes are proven to keep you full as well as improve your daily nutrition. When added to other recipes, nuts improve the taste and texture of food without adding negative effects of other fats. With a recent focus on the benefits of nuts, the time has never been better to consider incorporating more nuts recipes into your regular rotation of dishes or snacks.


Breakfast time is a great time to add nuts into some dishes. Certain nuts recipes can be modified to serve as breakfast foods. Adding nuts to granola will help compliment the natural fiber content of granola and keep you full much longer than without them. By adding other moderate amounts of dried fruit, you can make this into a super breakfast to keep you full and energized all the way through until lunch time.


While many people see nuts as a great snack alone, they can do wonders when added to other foods. When considering what nuts to add, it is important to consider the health benefits associated with what you are picking. When at the store, try to stay away from salted and sugared nuts. Buying raw or roasted nuts will add flavor and all the benefits of nuts without the unwanted sugars, salts, and oils that come along with other types of nuts. Wholesale nuts

When considering snacks, think about adding chopped almonds and walnuts to yogurt or cottage cheese to add texture and a filling crunch to often boring foods. Another option for snacking is to make your own mixed nut mixtures. Often store-bought mixes contain high salt content as well as an overwhelming amount of peanuts. By using healthy nuts, you can create a much more filling snack for a better price per ounce.

Lunch and Dinner

Meal time is another opportunity to get your daily dose of healthy fats added in places you wouldn’t expect. When starting a meal, look at salads as the perfect opportunity to add some nuts for a little more crunch. Adding things like walnuts and almonds can add some healthy fats to replace other proteins like chicken or steak.

Main courses also present other opportunities to spice up your food with some of these wonder foods. Consider making some Asian dishes that often incorporate nuts alongside other proteins as a main feature of the dish like Cashew Chicken. These nuts recipes are hugely flavorful as well as very filling. Pine nuts and pistachios compliment other more traditional fare like salads and pasta dishes when used in moderation.

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