Future of Text Messaging Services

As per a survey conducted by the Nielsen Mobile, Americans use their mobile phones more often to send messages than making a call. Communicating via text messages is exponentially grown in the last 3 years. Mostly young adults and teens are the most frequent users of this service. In the year 2006 average American send approximately 70 messages a month but that number has grown to around 400 in a month which is almost 450% increase.

This Service is based on a communication protocol which allows short SMS around 160 characters to be sent between mobile phone users. The whole concept of messaging was conceived in the late 1980’s. Norwegian engineers who designed the text messaging protocol just wanted to develop a system which would work when the user’s mobile phones were out of reach or turned off. 문자발송

Since the whole SMS concept started from Europe it took few years for the US to catch up. Today many consumer cellular service providers are promoting mobile phone plan which also include unlimited messaging and other special plans.

Consumer cellular companies are marketing and promoting mobile phone plan for consumers at various level. Future of this service is surely bright for various reasons. It is the cheapest, easiest and quickest form of mobile communication.

The success of SMS in India has reached over 1 billion despite of not provocatively being marketed by the service provider or the consumer cellular phone manufacturer. Text messaging is also being used a cheap source of marketing by various companies. No matter what is the nature of your business or services, you can very effectively exploit the potential of text messaging. Just by sending a single message you get directly connected with your end users. So we can establish the fact that text messaging is surely going to grow in future also.

Mobile SMS is service that cost almost nothing to the carrier and can definitely provide the users at much cheaper prices to the users to make it more popular.

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