A Mobile Phone With High End Features and Great Looks

Vivo released the new Vivo Y12 smartphone this week. The company’s latest mobile vivo y12 device retails for Rs 12,490. However, it is only available exclusively through select offline stores in the country. The phone offers high-end features and has several unique selling features that make it stand apart from other mobiles in the market. The Vivo Y12 is equipped with a powerful dual camera set up and comes loaded with Google Android experience. Below are some of the selling features of the phone that have left many people impressed.

The Vivo Y12 boasts a unique dual screen feature. It offers users the luxury of enjoying both the advantages of a full QWERTY keyboard as well as a secondary, larger-sized primary camera for taking clear and crisp pictures. Users can use their hands to scroll through various options or just tap on the home button to bring up the primary camera. When the user wants to view different files on the phone, all they need to do is press on the home button twice and they get to see all the files that they want on their handset.

Another amazing selling point of the vivo y12 is its unique ability to retain data for a longer period of time thanks to its advanced fingerprint sensor. The company claims that the finger scanning system of the vivo y12 is the most powerful fingerprint sensor available in the android ecosystem. This allows the smartphone to resist finger movement as well as heat or pressure. The system also enables the handset to lock the screen when it is being used by a third party. So long as the user has an account with the particular phone service provider, they will be able to store a significant amount of data on the vivo y12 without worrying about losing any of the data.

This was our second review helpful review of the vivo y12. The primary camera of the handset has a decent sized display which can easily fit into one hand. It offers a very crisp picture with very good clarity.

Camera Performance The camera on the vivo y12 is a decent model as far as smartphone cameras are concerned. It comes with two cameras, a front and rear facing camera, an image stabilization system and offers a facial recognition facility which works really well. The built in image processing engine of the phone does a decent job at correcting the color and the contrast of the images taken.

The review helpful part of this review concludes with a conclusion that the vivo y12 is a great product that offers features that are pretty much required from a smartphone in these times of advanced technology. It comes with a great price tag and has a long battery life which should prove extremely beneficial to any smartphone user. One thing that the handset needs to make it more popular is to start offering some unique software and bundle it with the phone in some form or another. This could be the only way that it could ever gain a mass audience.

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